What it can do:

Liposuction is invasive surgery that aims to improve the body’s contours and proportion by removing localised and disproportional deposits of fat.

Am I a good candidate:

Liposuction is a personalized procedure that may not be appropriate for everyone. However, it could be a suitable option if the following criteria apply to you:

  • You maintain good physical health and have a stable weight.
  • You possess realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of the procedure.
  • Despite maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, you have persistent bulges in specific areas.

For individuals with firm, elastic skin and a healthy weight, liposuction is more likely to yield successful results. While age does not necessarily pose a significant concern, it is worth noting that older individuals may experience reduced skin elasticity, potentially resulting in different outcomes compared to younger individuals with tighter skin.

Will I need anaesthesia?

Depending on the procedure and the amount of fat removed, liposuction can take place under either local or general anaesthesia. If only a small amount of fat and a limited number of body sites are involved, liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia, which numbs only the affected areas. For large volumes of fat, general anaesthesia is commonly used.

What are the potential risks and complications?

Modern surgery is generally safe but does have the potential for risks and complications to occur. The risks of liposuction increases if a large number of body areas are treated at the same time or if the areas operated on are large in size.

Procedure and Recovery Time

Procedure time depending on what needs to be done from half-an-hour to 4 to 5 hours and recovery time variable from 1 to 4 weeks.
Liposuction treatment