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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the treatment for anyone wanting a permanent solution for hair removal.

Specialists in laser hair removal

Avana is an Auckland based Cosmetic & Laser hair Clinic specialises in permanent laser hair removal for both men and women. With a dedicated team of laser hair removal specialists, we are committed to providing you with the most effective solutions for unwanted hair from various areas of the body.

At Avana, we stay at the forefront of technology, utilizing the latest FDA-approved laser hair removal technologies and machines. Rest assured, our procedures are 100% safe and secure, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind throughout the treatment process.

Experience the confidence and convenience of permanent hair reduction at Avana, your trusted destination for exceptional laser hair removal services in Auckland.

How does laser hair removal work?

Our advanced Candela GentleLASE medical grade laser employs precise and controlled pulses of laser energy. By reaching deep into the hair shaft and targeting the hair follicle beneath the skin, it effectively cauterizes the hair at its root. Importantly, the surrounding tissue or skin remains undamaged.

The laser’s gentle beam of light works by damaging and subsequently preventing hair follicles from regrowing. Over the course of several treatments, you can expect a gradual and ultimately permanent reduction in the amount of hair in the treated area. With its proven efficacy and safety, our Candela GentleLASE laser offers an exceptional solution for achieving long-lasting hair removal results.


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Is laser treatment safe?
Yes, completely safe. Using a dynamic cooling system, the laser protects the epidermis, thus safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin.
What kind of results can I expect from Candela GentleLASE hair removal?
Each laser treatment will result in less hair re-growth; as well as hair growing progressively slower, finer and lighter with each treatment.
How frequently do I need treatments?
The treatments are usually performed every 1-2 months. In the majority of cases, 10-12 treatments ranging from a few minutes to an hour or more are recommended for best results. See below for our price list.
Does the treatment hurt?
The sensation is often described as a ‘hot pinch’, or ‘snapping’ feeling. The sensation only lasts for fractions of a second, and you may feel warmth or a tingling sensation for a short time afterward. Most people tolerate treatment without any topical anesthetic cream, which may be used to numb the skin for very sensitive individuals.
What happens after each treatment?
Temporary pinkness in the skin lasts a very short time, and most people return to work or normal activities immediately after treatment. The treated area will “shed” some hairs over the next 2-4 weeks, and you will experience a period of hairlessness in the area while you wait for your next treatment.

What areas can be treated by laser hair removal?

Everywhere! Except:
  • The crown of the head
  • Inside the ears, mouth or nostrils

Key benefits

  • Permanency
  • No ingrown hairs
  • More effective on darker skin types than other laser treatments
  • Soft, smooth, silky skin with no stubble
  • Stimulation of collagen in treated areas
  • Saving of time, money & embarrassment of unwanted hair
Laser hair removal


Laser hair removal


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