Laser Hair Removal Training


5 day course focuses on hair removal using FDA approved, medical grade laser hair removal machines.

This is a theory and practical based course; we deliver the course in a way that allows students to ask questions and get the answers they need.

Students gain an in-depth knowledge of the theory of light, wavelength, Fitzpatrick scale  and spacing techniques. A detailed study of hair, colour, growth cycles, and causes for hair growth are discussed. Expected results and treatment programs are also covered. Who is the ideal client?  What contraindications should you be aware of? How safe is it? How many treatments would be required? etc. All of these questions are covered, making the course comprehensive and robust in delivery. Practice makes perfect, so every student gets to practice on every body part.

We give students a consultation script and suggested international standard documentation; consultation form; after care sheets, etc. for their perusal.

Avana has been in the market for over 20 years, has performed more than 600,000 treatments, has a comprehensive depth of experience and employs this experience in the techniques used in treating clients with all skin types and colours. We are able to transfer that knowledge to prospective students who can use it in their career as a laser/skin therapist in cosmetic medicine clinics.

For any questions about our laser hair removal training course, please contact us.

Our laser hair removal training incorporates:

  • Theory of Light:
    • What is light
    • Electromagnetic spectrum
    • Wavelengths
    • What is a laser?
    • What is Intense Pulsed Light
    • Differences between laser and IPL
  • Safety in a Clinical Environment:
    • Light hazards – eyes, skin
    • Laser hazards
    • Risk and hazard management
    • NZ safety standards
    • Risk assessment
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Quality assurance
    • Safe work practices
  • Principles of Light Treatment:
    • Hair anatomy and growth cycles
    • Melanin absorption
    • Fitzpatrick skin types
    • Tanning issues
    • Treatment modalities
    • Hair reduction
  • Consultation process:
    • Contraindications
    • Special precautions
    • Test patches
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Client photos
    • Documentation
    • Treatment program
    • Treatment process for various modalities
    • Aftercare
    • Follow up


Certificates will be awarded on successful completion of an assessment on the last day of the course. A practical assessment will be carried out during the final day of the practical training. 

Graduated students receive ongoing support for any reason relating to the treatments. Sometimes you may just need a little bit of reassurance.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Who can study?

You may be a doctor, nurse, beauty/dermal therapist, or tattoo artist who wishes to expand their practice. For anyone who does not have medical/beauty therapy postgraduate training, we cover skin science during the course.

Studying with Avana has many benefits – take a look at some of the reasons we’re the best choice.

Course cost

$2500.00 + GST per person.

Course structure

5 days

10:00 am – 5.00pm

Parking is available.