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Fine lines and wrinkles

What are fine lines?

Fine lines are one of the very first signs of aging. As skin begins to age, fine lines starts appearing around the eyes and the mouth.These lines are usually small and shallow. These shallow lines tend to form alongside expression lines when somebody smiles or laughs.

What are wrinkles?

While fine lines are superficial and closer to skin’s surface, wrinkles are more deep. If fine lines are not treated quickly enough, they would eventually deepen and become wrinkles and folds. As you age, many fine lines turn into wrinkles as skin loses laxity, hydration and firmness.A common example of deep wrinkle is nasolabial fold located between corners of mouth and nose, also sometimes refered as smoker’s line.

Some common examples of wrinkles are :

  • Crow’s feet- wrinkle lines around the outer corner of the eyes
  • Frown lines- wrinkle lines between the eyebrows on the forehead.
  • Forehead lines- Horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead.

Combination of treatments include:

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