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Enlarged pores

What are enlarged pores?

A pore is actually an opening for the hair, but it also acts like a conduit for sweat and other toxins to release from the body. Because of a generally busy life, make up, pollution and other factors, these pores can get clogged with debris, oil and dirt particles making the pores look larger and enlarged.

What causes enlarged pores?

Genetics and nature of skin plays an important role in defining the enlarged pores. Any skin which is oily in nature would have big enlarged pores. The same is the case with aging skin as well. As we go more mature with age, collagen and elastin depletes in the skin paying the way for making the pores more visible.

What can be the treatment protocols?

A combination of these would be:-

Cleaning the skin everynight, so that there is no dirt or debris and makeup residue.

Pico Genesis-FX

Chemical peels


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