Say Goodbye To Skin Pigmentation & Hello To A More Even, Radiant Complexion

At Avana Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, we're excited to introduce our revolutionary Pico Genesis Laser, an advanced approach to pigmentation treatment. Unlike traditional lasers that rely on thermal technology, Pico Genesis delivers a non-thermal, photomechanical effect with high peak power and ultrashort pulse durations. This unique technique shatters pigmentation without causing thermal damage, allowing your body to naturally absorb and eliminate damaged pigment.

Unveiling the Power of Pico Genesis

The Pico Genesis procedure induces dermal disruption and remodelling, stimulating fresh collagen and elastin production. This innovative process leads to true skin revitalisation, leaving you with a better, firmer, and younger-looking complexion.

Key Benefits of Pico Genesis Treatment

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Discover the power of Pico Genesis in transforming your skin. Bid farewell to pigmentation concerns and embrace a radiant, even complexion. Book a consultation today and experience the evolution of non-thermal pigmentation treatment with Avana. Your flawless skin journey awaits!

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