Embrace the Clear Canvas: Effortless Tattoo Removal with EnLighten-SR Pico Genesis Laser

In the midst of Auckland’s scorching summer, reconsidering ink that no longer speaks to you? Avana Cosmetic & Laser Clinic is dedicated to rewriting the tattoo removal narrative. Our secret weapon? The EnLighten-SR Pico Genesis laser, delivering tailored experiences for Auckland’s diverse canvases.

Tattoo Removal: Avana’s Promise

For those contemplating tattoo removal in Auckland, our clinic provides cutting-edge technology to remove unwanted tattoos. Customised laser removal packages cater to various tattoo sizes and types, ensuring a seamless journey towards a fresh canvas, all within a cost-effective framework tailored to your needs.

The EnLighten-SR Pico Genesis Laser: Your Tattoo Removal Hero

Meet the EnLighten-SR Pico laser—an innovation inducing ultrashort picosecond pulses with precision. This groundbreaking system leverages a non-thermal photomechanical effect, breaking down tattoo ink into microscopic particles. Effective across all tattoo colours, this technique revolutionises tattoo removal across Auckland’s diverse inked landscape.

This fractional laser system not only diminishes discomfort but also enhances safety, preserving the integrity of your skin. Bid farewell to prolonged recovery and embrace a summer where tattoo removal aligns seamlessly with your vibrant lifestyle.

Avana: Your Haven for Swift, Efficient Transformation

Our laser tattoo removal services promise superior results in fewer treatments, elevating Auckland summers. Whether for tattoo removal or laser services, Avana becomes your sanctuary for a swift, efficient transformation.

Avana Cosmetic & Laser Clinic Offers:

  • Safe, Effective Tattoo Removal
  • Latest Laser Technology
  • Customised Treatment Plans
  • Free Test Patch
  • Pico Laser

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Our team will navigate you through the process, ensuring comfort and safety at every step. Effortlessly remove tattoos with our pricing: $89 for 5cm x 5cm, $149 for 10cm x 10cm. Book a consultation today!