Stubborn Body Fat

The causes of stubborn body fat

Stubborn body fat can be caused by a poor diet, lack of physical activity, week metabolism, but it can also result from genetics. As we get older, it can become difficult to lose stubborn pockets of fats. Even with proper diet and exercise, fat cells can linger in the abdomen, back, flanks (love handles) and thighs. It can be extremely frustrating for people to do all of the right things, and still feel negatively about  their bodies. In cases where fat is too stubborn to leave the body, there are effective, non-surgical treatments that can resolve this problem.*

What is a double chin?

double chin is a term used to refer to excess fat in the submental area (under the chin). This extra layer of fat can be very frustrating because you don’t have to be overweight or obese to develop it. Shedding this weight naturally can be very difficult to do, especially since diet and exercise don’t target submental fat. If you’ve ever cringed at the sight of a photo of yourself because of the double chin look, then an aesthetic treatment may be the best option for you.

Combinations of treatments include

  • Trusculpt- ID for fat Loss
  • Trusculpt- Flex for Muscle sculpting and toning

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Up to 8 muscle groups or 2 areas (e.g., abs and arms) can be treated in a single 45 minute session. Remarkable results can be achieved with as little as 4 treatments. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalised results you desire.

At the beginning of the treatment, you will feel a gentle contracting sensation in the muscles. Over the course of the treatment, the contractions slowly intensify. The intensity is personalised and will depend on you. It feels like a hard workout at the gym!

Yes! truSculpt iD eliminates stubborn fat while truSculpt Flex tones and strengthens muscles. Clients who are interested in losing fat, andthen defining their body, can combine both procedures to achieve comprehensive body sculpting. In Sculpt Mode, we can even increase your BMI, which will also aid in fat loss.

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TruScupt Flex is non -invasive, requires no recovery time and you are able to immediately return to normal activity after the treatment. Post-procedure, you may notice tingling in the area for up to a few hours or slight muscle tenderness for 24-72 hours.

Maxim um results are visible 12 weeks after the last session. Am I the right candidate for truSculpt Flex?
Both men and women who are in good health and would like to strengthen, tone and firm their abs, thighs, buttocks, arms and/or legs are the right candidates for truSculpt Flex.