Body Sculpting and Contouring

Define every curve on your body with this revolutionary non-surgical personalised body sculpting and countouring treatment to achieve the ideal body in as little as one comfortable 15 minute treatment.

How does truSculpt iD work?

A Flat handless device is held gently against the area you want treated, where it sends Radio Frequency waves to therapeutically heat up the fat cells beneath your skin. The fat cells cannot withstand this heat in the stipulated time and upto 24% of the fat cells die off in the treated area. This effective technology has been clinically proven to permanently eliminate dead fat cells over the next 6-8 weeks through bodies own lymphatic system, leaving you noticeable slimmer and tonned. Clinical Studies have shown an average of 24% fat reduction achieved in just one treatment.

TRUSCLUPT iD: Defining your body id with personalized body sculpting.

  • One Treatment
  • 15 Minutes
  • ~ 24% fat cell reduction
  • No Down Time

What area does it work on?

  • Inner thighs and outer thighs
  • Abdominal Fat
  • Double Chin
  • The Bra Roll
  • Upper Back
  • Knees
  • Upper Arms
  • Love Handles


  • Fat 15 Minute Treatment
  • No Surgery or Needles
  • No Downtime
  • Comfortable, Safe and Effective
  • Clinically proven technology feels like a hot stone message.

The key benefits are:

  • Clinically proven to provide upto 24% Fat Reduction, in one Single 15 minute treatment.
  • Can treat clients with BMI Index of 30 or more

How is Trusculpt iD different from other body sculpting procedures?

  • This procedure is versatile and effective to treat a wide range of clients who may not be a candidate for other contouring procedures due to treatment location, skin type, fat thickness and presence of skin laxity.
  • The treatment has minimal discomfort and has be compared to a hot stone massage.
  • There is no visible downtime after the procedure and normal activity can be resumed immediately.
  • The treatment time is dependent on the treatment size and how many areas are treated. Treatment time is typically 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen & Flanks.
  • Typically, only 1 treatment is needed. Maximum results are visible after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire





Is Treatment with truSculpt iD safe?

Yes Completely Safe. It is an FDA approved non invasive fat reduction treatment.

Can truSculpt iD be used on all skin types?

Yes, the treatment can be performed on all skin types and colours and also over tattoos.

Who is an ideal candidate of trueSculpt iD treatment?

Majority of the people can have the treatment, as truSculpt iD is a customised and tailored treatment, it will meet the individual needs of most clients.

How long does the treatment take?

It takes 15 – 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.

How many Treatments will I need?

Most clients require only one treatment of 15 minute duration, with optimal results visible after 12 weeks.

What to expect during and after the treatment?

You would feel like having a hot-stone massage during the treatment. After the treatment you may experience mild sensitivity to touch for few hours, but you will be able to immediately return to normal activities and exercise as there is no down-time.

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