Unveiling the Power of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

At Avana Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, we understand the struggle to target stubborn body fat. But fear not – our innovative non-surgical fat reduction treatments redefine body contouring, offering you the opportunity to sculpt the body you’ve always desired. With two convenient locations and personalised treatment plans, we’re committed to helping you achieve your body goals.

Unveiling the Power of Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Are you looking to transform your body without undergoing surgery? Our body contouring and fat reduction treatments are your answer. Starting from $365 per session, these clinically proven technologies are designed to:

  • Reduce Stubborn Body Fat
  • Body & Muscle Sculpting
  • Contour & Fat Freezing
  • Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Experience Visible Results in Just One Treatment

Our non-surgical approach reduces an average of 24% fat reduction, helping you achieve the desired body contours without invasive procedures. Witness a decrease in inches and an overall reduction in body size after just one session. Moreover, our treatments increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by 33%, promoting an active metabolism for enhanced fat burning.

Define Every Curve, Sculpt Every Contour

With our revolutionary non-surgical personalised body sculpting and contouring treatments, you can attain your ideal body in a comfortable 15-minute session. Refine your body contours, define curves, and achieve the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of.

Avana’s Promise for Your Dream Body

  • Non-Surgical Fat Reduction & Body Contouring Treatment
  • Clinically Proven Technology
  • Personalised Treatments for Visible Results

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Transform your body with confidence. Experience non-surgical fat reduction and body sculpting treatments that redefine your silhouette. Enquire now to sculpt your dream body with Avana. Your journey to a defined, contoured physique begins here!